“Repercussions” is a piece aiming at following the journey of a signal generated from physical impact to visualisation through vibration onto water. The concept is delivered in the form of an audiovisual collaborative live performance by drummer Uno Bruniusson aka Perkwuno and the art group Vortex Era. Berlin based Uno Bruniusson (Sweden), has built an electronic music setup triggering several synthesisers by acoustic drums. Chrysafenia Papagrigoriou (Greece) and Alexandra MaciĆ” (Spain) of the audiovisual Berlin based art group Vortex Era set up the analogue installation that translates Uno’s audio signals into vibration and image through light. Produced, performed and filmed by the group, in the space kindly provided by the collective Musik Statt Autobahn and funded by Musikfonds Berlin, this is an initiative to literally visualise sound, using its physical attributes in synchronicity. Hand camera by collaborator and filmmaker Sarah Ben Hardouze. Funded by: Musikfonds